6th Global Recycling Day 2023

Read more about SABEUs commitment to recyclability!

Today marks the 6th Annual Global Recycling Day – Therefore, we would like to emphasize the importance of recycling and draw attention to protecting our planet. At SABEU we are committed to being part of the circular economy.

The majority of our broad FLUXX® Packaging portfolio can be 100% fully reintroduced into the recycling loop. We have completed all external certification and test requirements for the recyclability of our core product segments through cyclos.

We believe that the circular economy is primarily about ensuring that products are reintroduced and reused, regardless of their application. That's why we have focused on completing recyclability testing, so our products can be recycled and reused for many possible applicatons and purposes. 

Let's all do our individual part and make a commitment to recycling today and every day. Together, we can make a difference and protect our planet for future generations.