Screw Caps

Scope of application

The versatile FLUXX® Screw Caps are made of impact-resistant polyethylene (PE) and are available for common thread sizes with DIN 45, 51 and 61. Our Caps are especially suitable for hazardous goods because of high chemical resistance against aggressive liquids.

We have launched our Screw Caps DIN 51 & 61 as r-version that is produced of 50% recycled material – without visible differences to the standard product!

Your contact person

Kevin Eckert
Head of FLUXX
Packaging & Industrial

Additional information

Application example

  • Liquid food
  • Cleaners
  • Lubricants and motor oils
  • Hygiene and care products
  • Hazardous substances and other chemicals
  • Agrochemicals

Benefits (X-tra)

  • Secure closing
  • Reliable protection against leaks
  • Suitability for hazardous goods packaging
  • High chemical resistance
  • Molded on tamper-evidence ring
  • Declaration of food conformity









KS-Cap: Polyethylene (PE)
r-KS-Cap: Polyethylene (PE) with 50% PCR-Material (Post-Consumer-Recyclate) from recycled PE closures
Sealing ring: Expanded Polyethylene (EPE)

Suitability for hazardous goods

Because of the construction, our FLUXX® Screw Caps can meet all requirements for authorization with various containers – especially in accordance with the test specifications set forth in the ADR regulations. As a standard feature, the Caps are equipped with a molded on tamper-evidence ring as well as an EPE sealing ring.

Declaration of food conformity

Our listed products comply with regulations EU no. 10/2011, EC no. 1935/2004, LFGB, FDA as well as Mercosur and are fit for human consumption under the food law as well as from a physiological point of view – inspected and approved by certified testing institutes.

Chemical resistance

Our products achieve a high chemical resistance to many liquids. However, we cannot guarantee comprehensive chemical resistance of specific applications. Therefore, we recommend individual testing of customer applications prior to use – with the support of our experts.

Customer voice


"We appreciate the long-standing partnership with the Sabeu team and their professional support. From the very beginning our cooperation has been characterised by a constructive exchange at a high level. Sabeu has established itself as a valuable development partner for our company."

Aglukon Spezialdünger GmbH & Co. KG


"For 15 years now, SABEU has proven to be a competent partner for us. The first-class vented cap technology works excellently with our partially gas-exchanging specialty formulations. Immediately after a production run and under extreme temperature conditions during worldwide transportation, the requirements for a high gas exchange of our products are the greatest. In these critical times, we have relied on SABEU for years."

Fischer Söhne AG

"We appreciate the good and sustainable partnership with SABEU. We are very satisfied with the quality and adherence to delivery dates, which is also reflected in the positive supplier assessment. Very good communication characterizes the SABEU team. It should be emphasized that we are actively supported in any case of express deliveries. We are looking forward to a continued good cooperation."


"Packaging stability is very important – especially the products which produce gas. FLUXX® Degassing Inserts have been able to solve the problems of our customers with their unique and angled membrane surface, produced with advanced technology and high quality membranes. We fully believe that customer satisfaction will be at the highest level with HF products that are newly introduced to the market. Thank you very much to SABEU for not disrupting the procurement process during the Covid outbreak."

Jibu Corporate Uganda Ltd.

"SABEU is our trusted supplier for Dispensing Taps since inception of our business, more than 5 years ago. The Taps are a key component for our reusable and eco-friendly water container, that enables consumers to buy affordable and safe drinking water in bulk and still enjoy utmost convenience. SABEU is a key partner to JIBU, to support our mission of fostering entrepreneurship and making positive social impact in the communities through access to safe drinking water."


Krystal Kritis SA

"We have a great cooperation with SABEU for many years. Besides the best quality of their products , they are always adhere to the time schedule and there is an easy and pleasant communication."

Wandbreite GmbH

„We are absolutely convinced of quality and adherence to deadlines. Communication works smoothly.“